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Vine was founded by Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll in June 2012. The company was acquired by Twitter in October 2012 for a reported $30 million.Vine debuted on January 24, 2013 as a free iOS app on the app store. On June 2, 2013, Vine for Android was made available as a free app on Google Play.In a couple of months, Vine became the most used video-sharing application in the market, even with low adoption of the app. On April 9, 2013, Vine became the most-downloaded free app within the iOS App Store.Vine enables users to record short video clips up to (at introduction) six seconds long while recording through its in-app camera. The camera records only while the screen is being touched, enabling users to edit on the fly or create stop motion effects.

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  • new page Magcon Tour
    created by Baby Cade
    New page: The Magcon Tour is a mini-series by FanofAll and Baby Cade.  The story revolves around the "Magcon Girls" Featuring: SerenitySlashah☼ Nina...
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  • new page User blog:Baby Cade/Magcon Tour Mini-series
    posted by Baby Cade
    New blog: Baby Cade and FanofAll are pleased to announce the launch of their new collaborative Mini-series Magcon Tour.See the page for full details.
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  • new page Runaway
    created by FanofAll
    New page: "You calm the storms,And you give me rest. You are the strength that keeps me walking. You are the hope that keeps me trusting. You are the light to...
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  • new page Skye Blue
    created by FanofAll
    New page: "You don't understand what I've been through! It's My Life! Don't you EVER tell me what to do!" Skye Blue is a 16 year old viner from Woodbridge,...
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  • new page Never Again
    created by Baby Cade
    New page: "And? You don't know a fucking thing about me." Nina Ramirez has had one screwed up life. Rebellion in school and overall bad behaviour lands her in...
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  • new page Nina Ramirez
    created by Baby Cade
    New page: "Every night, it was the same fucking shit. Dad would get off work, have a beer and then beat the the living hell out of my mother.He started beating...
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  • discussion page Talk:SerenitySlashah☼
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